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What is Voigo?

Voigo is a free app for iOS and Android that enables easy integration with the Shout to Me platform from any HTML page, including those embedded in other mobile applications via a web view control.

Shout to Me also has SDKs for iOS and Android for direct integration into mobile applications.

Voigo Link Overview

Creating a link on a web page that launches Voigo is easy. In its simplist form, all you need to do is include the Voigo JavaScript file on the page add the class voigo-link to any element (image, button, div, etc.) you want to launch Voigo when pressed. The Voigo JavaScript code will find all the voigo-link elements on the page and update their click handlers to launch the Voigo app.

The JavaScript code also detects if the user has Voigo installed. If Voigo isn't installed, clicking on the voigo-link element will redirect the user to a page explaining why they need to install Voigo and provide a link to Voigo in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

Finally, the JavaScript code detects desktop users and, when they click the voigo-link element, pops up a window where they can enter their phone number to receive an SMS message with a link to Voigo.

Voigo Deep Linking

Voigo supports deep linking, meaning that you can pass meta information to Voigo when the user taps one of your voigo-link elements. For example, if your company's Shout to Me channel id is XYZChannel, you can pass that meta data in the deep link, causing Voigo to automatically change to XYZChannel channel when launched.

Voigo also supports deferred deep linking so the meta data still gets passed to Voigo even if the user doesn't have the app installed when they tap the link or they received the link via an SMS message.

Deep Link Meta Information

You specify the meta information to be passed to Voigo by adding HTML attributes to your voigo-link elements. The Voigo JavaScript code passes along the values from the following attributes found on voigo-link elements:

  HTML Attribute Notes
Channel Id voigo-channel-id="s2m-sandbox" Your Shout to Me channel id. This channel will automatically be displayed in the app when launched.
Auto Record voigo-auto-record="true" Indicates if Voigo should immediately initiate a recording when launched. Default is true.
Topic voigo-topic="baseball" Sets the Shout to Me topic for the user's shout, overriding Shout to Me's automatic, natural language-based topic detection. Topics are not predefined and can be any string (but are typically only 1-3 words).
Tags voigo-tags="dodgers, world series" A comma separated list of strings which become tags associated with the user's shout in the Shout to Me platform. The platform will use IBM Watson's natural language understanding to derive additional tags from the user's shout.
Recording Length voigo-max-recording-length-seconds="30" Sets the maximum amount of time a user can talk before being cut off. The default time can be configured for your specific channel. Please contact your Shout to Me representative for more information.

Link Examples


    <button class="voigo-link" voigo-channel-id="s2m-sandbox"> Record a Shout </button>

Set Topic and Tag

    <button class="voigo-link" voigo-channel-id="s2m-sandbox" voigo-topic="baseball" voigo-tags="dodgers"> Dodgers Talk </button>

Disable Automatic Recording

    <button class="voigo-link" voigo-channel-id="s2m-sandbox" voigo-auto-record="false"> Launch Voigo </button>

Set Recording Length

    <button class="voigo-link" voigo-channel-id="s2m-sandbox" voigo-max-recording-length-seconds="10"> Launch Voigo </button>

Voigo JavaScript File

To enable Voigo deep links on a page, include somewhere on the page, usually at the bottom of the <body> section:

    <script src=""></script>